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Fun build

Really liked how this building looked when we finished it. Definitely in our top 5 builds. Will order more buildings soon. Thanks

This is a massive build and it looks great!

Though tedious at times, the build is amazing! The block are great quality with the same amount of 'clutch' as the 'other' brand. All-in-all, I recommend CaDA (especially CaDA Expert) sets to everyone.

Wonderful product

I love this company and have ordered here several times. Great products, shipping and the best customer service!

Great Set. Great Price

Shipped fast and the set is half the price of the "real" Lego set. This means I can get more for my money and build my Lego city !

Excellent! Will buy again!

This was my 2nd purchase. Quality and color are equal to named brand building blocks. Minifigure quality leaves a bit to desire but still quality.

Fun build

We had fun building another addition to our town. Thank you

Awesome Build

This is one of the best I’ve gotten from this site. You won’t be disappointed.

Building Blocks City Creator Loop Roller Coaster Bricks Toys 13003

Superhero Racing Batmobile

I was skeptical at first placing an order on the site so decided to start off with something smaller. Ordered on the 6th of Dec arrived NYE. Blocks are sturdy af and would work in my LEGGO City. Will definitely be placing more orders.

Since I haven't built it yet, there is no point in my reviewing it.... is there?

Republic Cruiser 05070

Got the set out and started to separate the pieces, what is the logic that goes into bagging the pieces up into the individual numbered bags? Just wondering because none of them are number in a way to follow the directions; but anyway still was a fun build after separating the pieces. My concern is that the quality of the bricks is very lacking. I noticed this in two sets that have purchased recently. This one and the UCS X-Wing. I have added a few pictures to show the quality, these pieces look like they have been sitting in bins for years with the number of scratches on them. Fast shipping but the quality is lacking. Hoping the set quality gets better as I will still order from USA Blocks.

For the most part everything is as expected, looks great with my MOC sets, shipped quick. However, the windows were difficult to insert in the frames, 3 will not even go in, just a smidge too big. I have placed the empty frames at the back of the build so they are not seen.

Possible missing bag???

The set itself arrived very quickly and packaged well. Although I have not built yet I have checked all the bag numbers to find bag number 25 missing! Now there are two bags of pieces with no number along with another bag with TY printed on. But checking contents of the bags against what is supposed to be in bag 25 doesn't match. I have been in contact with Yarden and am in the process of sending him pics. I know it is not an oversite on him or his company just obviously miss-placed whilst packing. I have had many sets from USABlocks and have never been disappointed by them and will be buying more in the future. I will comment back on how this turns out but I for one buyer have no real fears. I know it will be sorted. Kev :-)

Would have been nice if it was in a box

Amazing!!! This set is SO AWESOME!!

Honestly, I was a bit skeptical when first ordering. It took quite a while for the set to arrive, but when I did, I was amazed at how heavy the package was. The blocks are really good quality, and the whole thing is great. The mini-figures are really well done. I will certainly be ordering from USABlocks again!

Republic Gunship

Bought for Christmas for 14 year old daughter, big hit. Took her five hours to assemble. Missing 6 small parts we took from home stockpile. Also 4 of the pieces were colored wrong, light grey instead of white. Still worth the purchase.

Great way to get a hard to find set.

Though this set is missing a few elements of the original (the jukebox and gumball machine from the diner, reel-to-reel recording machine, minibar, and recording lady's chair from the studio) along with having a few substitutions, it is nonetheless a perfect way to get the set.

You could easily display it as-is, or do as I've done and Bricklink the parts that were left out or changed to make the Diner a bit more 'proper' and still come out far, far ahead compared to buying an original for insane amounts of money.

Quality is by and large identical to the original, literally the only difference in bricks is lack of logo.

Great but minor issue

Per usual I love all of the kits I buy from you guys.... HOWEVER slave 1 and the land speeder have a minor but big issue .... the bags aren't labeled !!!!! For all the other kits the bags are labeled by steps and also organized, on these two sets they aren't labeled at all and on slave 1 I actually had to open all the bags because steps were spread out through every bag which was/is extremely annoying. I and still a fan of your work but just hope in the future on my next purchase this problem will be fixed.

Ninjago garden city

Not finished but so far so good! This is GREAT!!!!!! Absolutely recommended!

Loop coaster

Awesome product as all the products I have purchased from USA blocks are.

Great looking set

Always wanted the Ghostbusters Firehouse but was way too expensive and retired. USABlocks looks really good and all parts fit nicely.

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