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Nice quality. Nice value.

My first purchase from USA Blocks and probably won’t be my last. The brick quality exceeded expectations, and the build experience was good. Pieces are printed, no stickers.
:-) The printing is a little off center on some of the bricks, but no big deal. The minifigs are ok. Overall I’m very satisfied!

P51 - Mustang

This was a fun build. Not to difficult. Took about 90 minutes to complete while listening to work meetings. Directions started good better than some other manufactures; but towards the end had to some trial and error to get it right as the direction were a bit unclear. Pieces fit and finish were fine. Although this was the first build I had to punch some pieces out like an old glue together model. The only problem is the bombs/fuel tanks (red pieces) don't like to stay together if they are bumped. So if a child is going to play with it either remove them or and a touch glue to keep them from falling apart.

MOC Coaster

Creator Experts MOC 15039 Motorized Roller Coaster Bricks Toy
It is a really good bricks construction project. I am very happy with this product. Everything was in the box and the instructions were easy to follow.

Overall great set

Only complaint was it took a month to get but the set was great, the instructions were easy to understand and follow and the piece quality was good, figures were decent but could be a bit better, overall a good set

Good set

The set itself is fine, the quality of the bricks is good.

MOC 15039 Loop City Roller Coaster

This is the 2nd Roller Coaster I have bought. I am very pleased with both and the price was very good. Fast shipping! Both of them went together very well.

Dragons Live!!!

Oh man, this one is coming together so beautifuilly!!! It is going to pair perfectly with Rivendell!!! Totally impressed by the wing span!!! This one is awesome, thanks again USA Blocks!!

Sound Wave

Loved this build, everything went together as planned and shown in the instructions. It is sturdy and I do not have to worry about its arms or legs falling off when I move it.
I highly recommend it to people that love the Transformer figures.

Great build

This was a birthday present to myself. I am having a genuine blast. The kit is great.

brick quality not up to par

The colors of the set are nice. Sadly the brick quality is not up to par with current manufacturers. Especially the flat surfaces are slightly misaligned, therefore the 2x1 pieces of the water often do not fit next to each other and you have to try several until you find a piece that is warped "right". The baseplate arrived broken thanks to the tight packaging, and the whole thing bends upwards when assembled - there are never all four corners of the baseplate touching the ground. Clutch power is not uniform between colors, which leads to some parts not holding on as well. Because of this, the elevator cannot move all the way through, it gets stuck between layers due to rhe large toleraces of the parts. The ATM won't work right for the same reasons. Seems these are no Gobricks blocks, sadly. Some prints are smudgy and/or misaligned too.
Overall ok-ish for the price, and looks nice from a distance, but you can see that brick quality has evolved a LOT sine this set came out. Sadly, the play features are mostly rendered non-working by bad bricks fitment.

Just what I expected

I was wary because of the massive price difference between this and a Lego Imperial Flagship set, but after waiting a few weeks for delivery from China to the US I’m glad I ordered it.

MOC 15039 City Roller Coaster

Have it about finished. Going together well, no missing parts so far.


This thing is huge! Definitely a display piece as assemblies are a bit finicky, but nonetheless it's impressive! The three light bricks DO NOT INCLUDE LR41 BATTERIES (x6). First kit with a ton of spares, I think there was a misplaced extra bag of parts because one came in taped.

Excellent Replica but...

Love it, one of my favorite SW kits so far. Missing piece that connects the gunner wheel to the column, figurine hand & the main plaque sticker came in damaged, but I'm not sweating it, Yarden is gonna make it right! Will change to 5 stars once complete!

Edit: Today's date is 9-27-23, the review was originally posted 9-5-23 and still no replacement pieces. The kit was ordered on 7-31-23. Almost a month since requesting missing/damage components and still no tracking number or idea of when/if they'll arrive. Sent a follow up email on 9-24-23 and still waiting on a reply.

10-25-23 lost hope for replacement parts. I've been assured they're in route. Even so 1/4 yr is really testing my patience.

11-2-23 No response yet from yet another inquiry into this. Counting it as a loss and will not be ordering more product from USABLOCKS.

Great product

Tank was everything it was advertised to be. My 11 year old loved putting it together and playing with it after. Instructions were easy to follow. It was just hard waiting 24 days for it to get here.

Great product
little challenging, instructions missed a few steps
Cant wait to purchase another set. Crane maybe

Easiest light kit yet!

Super simple to install, since their are no control boards to plug into, everything is harnessed together. Just follow the instructions, take it strand by strand and it will turn out beautifully! Basically yeabricks is plug'n'play. All the lights are in bricks, another bonus... no need to hide bulky boards etc. Power supply runs on 3 AA batteries.

Sehr gutes set zu einem tollen Preis

Es waren alle Teile dabei, die Qualität war gut, inkl. aller Figuren und Sticker

Awesome awesome set!!

My husband and I have done many sets. This is one of the best we’ve done in years. So much great detail inside the set. Very well worth the money and a beautiful piece when completed. We added our own people in many places within the set! Love it!!! Don’t hesitate to invest I. This one!!!!!

MOC Super Hero Movie Avengers Tower Bricks Toy

Just below the bar...

Everything is great except the stickers colors are way too dark and therefore destroy the overall look making it the biggest eye sore on my display. And for a simple craft such as this, it's highly noticeable.

Also the center jet has a slight wobble when fully secured.

Other than that, I couldn't get the cheap whip piece for the destroyed jet engine to flex without feeling like it was gonna break. So I will order one from Lego... w/ official stickers here eventually... or not.

Everything else was great... all the way down to the mini figs.

Holy smokes Batman...

Instructions for this kit are horrible. Comprehension wasn't so much an issue, but the routing of wires was poorly thought out. I simplified it.

I basically removed sub assemblies vs individual tiles and plates to avoid over crimping these thin wires. I used the spare jumpers (1x2) which get replaced by ones from the kit to tack down areas that needed precision.

Since I'm got a USB power hub, I disregarded the power block provided. Not sure if this is why my lights look nothing like what is pictured. But Mine are way brighter, that's for sure. Even running them less than 5v @ 3.6v.

-side cab light, wayyyy to bright. Dimmed it down by tapping a blue permanent marker on the diode.
-the LEDs in side intakes are the worst BRIGHT AND WHITE. I'm gonna order some spare parts to properly dim this down. For now I just placed some plates in front to block out some of the excessive rays. Might even do the sharpie trick to tame it some more.
-Taillights pictured show orange and red. All Mine are red.
-blue lights on guns are dumb, but I left them on because when tucked away it does give the front a blue under-glow.

Be awesome if they could offer this even cheaper than the $26 by offering a version without power hub.

Overall, I'm satisfied, it looks great. 5 🌟 with my mods 3 🌟 without them.

Green Grocer Double MOC

Purchased two of the Green Grocer sets from USABLOCKS in order to build a double size Green Grocer MOC found on Rebrickable. These sets I got are excellent for this build.

In fact there are many other sets here on USABLOCKS that can be used to make MOC’s from Rebrickable. Just finished building the City Hall using two Police Stations….

There is no other way to build great MOC’s off Rebrickable and at a low price unless you purchase the sets from USABLOCKS!

Interesting build.

Was wanting to build something unique, this kit was a good change-up.

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